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What Are You Waiting For?

by JP Skov, CPYB, YBAA President

Jp Skov PicRecently, it came to my attention how few of us actually take full advantage of the services offered by our association, YBAA.  I’m going to make an educated guess that most of you joined YBAA to advance your business. You might have joined for the educational seminars, the ability to network with your fellow brokers, the accreditation that your business gets for being part of an industry related association or for something as simple as gaining access to our professional forms. The bottom line is that by joining an organization such as YBAA you are showing the retail customer that you are a committed professional in the industry. It is my opinion that the single most important thing you can do, as a “Yacht Sales Professional,” is to acquire your CPYB certification as soon as you are eligible. The ability to pass the CPYB exam and become certified is one of, if not the most important benefit available to the members of our association. What are you waiting for?

The CPYB program is the only nationwide program that sets the standard to identify those “Yacht Sales Professionals” who have mastered the core competencies in their field. As an industry leader, you know the value of professionalism in dealing with peers and customers. It is imperative for the survival of the yacht sales profession that members demonstrate their commitment to the boating public and the entire recreational marine industry by raising the level of competency and professionalism to the highest possible level through CPYB education and its credentialing process. By earning your CPYB designation you will demonstrate to your clients and to your peers that you are committed to becoming the best “Yacht Sales Professional” that you can be.

To apply to the CPYB program, visit the CPYB web site for an application and procedural details. Please contact Colleen McDonough, CPYB Program Manager, at to answer any additional questions regarding the process. On behalf of the YBAA Officers and Board of Directors, we thank you for your continued support and dedication. We look forward to you becoming part of the CPYB program . . . Trust, Professionalism and Integrity in the yacht brokerage industry. 

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