The Florida Yacht & Ship Brokers Act requires that brokers in the state of Florida have a current Yacht & Ship Broker License issued by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Florida Land Sales, Condominiums and Mobile Homes. 

Licensed brokers and their sales people must display their licenses and maintain a current mailing address at an accessible office location, or "principal place of business" within the state of Florida, in addition to maintaining an activity file of all transactions that take place in the state.

To assist our members who are not located in Florida and/or do not have a principal place of business in Florida, YBAA provides such a facility in Fort Lauderdale for the purposes of posting valid broker licenses and maintaining broker files and transaction records, as required by state law. The YBAA Florida Office also ensures that all mail received at the Florida Office location is forwarded to the member's mailing address as currently on file with YBAA - all for the low annual fee of $180 per broker (Only $15/month!)

NOTE: Brokers are responsible for maintaining their Florida licenses and their office records in compliance with Florida laws. YBAA provides the use of the YBAA Florida Office as a convenient service for eligible members only.

Click this link to apply for the YBAA Florida Office Program

YBAA Florida Office Renewal

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